Reimagine Your Energy

Have the energy for what matters most.


The Energized LeaderTM training is ideal if:

  • You feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day
  • Burnout and exhaustion feel inevitable
  • You find yourself being more reactive than proactive
  • You struggle to prioritize what matters most
  • Your performance isn’t aligned with your effort

Stop micromanaging your time. Start focusing on your energy.

Enhanced focus

Stronger relationships

High performance

Delivers results based on a winning formula:

Managing your energy is essential to performance. But too many people fail to realize what and who they give their energy to and why. As a result, they feel exhausted and burned out, with no energy for what matters most. Yet they know they are capable of something better.

The Energized LeaderTM is about discovering how to align your energy with the important so that you can achieve freedom, flow and focus. It’s based on the work of Molly Fletcher, author of The Energy Clock. Molly spent two decades as a sports agent in an environment in which energy management was critical to performance. What if you could be that way? What if you knew exactly what to do so you could stop micromanaging your time and instead bring your full energy to every key moment? Her approach to energy management will change the way you think about your time, and give you the tools to make meaningful change.

  • “I now have an understanding of how important, and possible, it is to go into an important or difficult meeting with energy by planning and anticipating thanks to The Energized Leader.  Acknowledging that I need to be my best self during the most important of times will change my priorities.  I now have the clarity to spend time focusing on the things that matter most verses the day to day rigmarole of life on the wheel.  I have a renewed sense of focus and energy!!”

    - David Hutchinson, Google, Director, Global Channels
  • “My team members thoroughly enjoyed The Energized Leader training. We have found ourselves working harder and longer than ever before, and the program taught us how to look at time through the lens of energy. We learned tools to help manage our energy, which in turn, helps us maximize our time. It’s helped everyone be more present and intentional in all facets of their life.”

    - Quinn Leoni, Director Leadership and OD, Cox
  • “The Energized Leader training was extremely valuable for our Sales organization. It helped the attendees see the effect energy has on performance and provided simple tools to help minimize those things personally and professionally that drain one’s energy. We all have choices and I am so glad we made the choice to offer these workshops so we are equipped to show up every day as the best version of ourselves.”

    - Jess Gisewhite, Manager, Learning & Development Sales, The Hershey Company

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What if you knew exactly what to do so you could stop micromanaging your time and instead bring your full energy to every key moment?

To create lasting change, you have to be intentional about shifting your mindset, changing your behaviors and managing your energy. Get started today by downloading your free chapter. Use the information to reimagine your energy and live your life filled with energy for what matters most.


The benefits go far beyond the workshop!

You can’t always control your time, but what you can control is your energy. We live in a world of increasing demands. Too often, the result is burnout, exhaustion and frustration. If you don’t decide where you put your energy, the world and others will decide for you. This is the foundation of The Energized LeaderTM training.

Best of all, you will see the results in all aspects of your life. Your values and behaviors will align. Your priorities will be clear. And your work will be meaningful.


With The Energized LeaderTM training you get:

  • A strategic approach to maximize your energy
  • Awareness around the barriers that can compromise performance
  • Clarity around your values and who you are at your best
  • A framework to align your energy with your schedule
  • Tools to strengthen resilience in the face of life’s demands
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